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OctoAir-10™ Industrial Diffuser for Aeration

Applications that require an industrial diffuser for aeration that is corrosion resistant, maneuverable and extremely efficient are well served by OctoAir-10™. Field crews report it is easy to install, easy to maintain, and overall an excellent design.
Technical specifications
Note: OctoAir-10 industrial diffuser for aeration is also used for deicing applications. Please visit this page to find out more about deicing with OctoAir-10.
Allowing up to 10 CFM, OctoAir-10™ is an industrial grade diffuser, for aeration or deicing, that has exceptional SOTE, SOTR and SAE performance data since integral to its design is our exclusive Bubble Tubing™.
OctoAir-10™ is a high performance industrial grade aeration and deicer diffuser designed for industries or municipalities. The OctoAir-10™ heavy duty design includes a rugged 316 stainless steel frame, adjustable legs and our exclusive Bubble Tubing™ diffuser. Integral in the OctoAir-10™ frame is a unique clasping system designed exclusively for our Bubble Tubing. All Bubble Tubing in the OctoAir-10™ resist deterioration when exposed to a wide range of chemicals, salinity, pH and temperature.
Designed by Canadianpond.ca and fabricated in Canada, the unique OctoAir-10™ design meets our strict specifications for an industrial grade air diffuser:
Robust construction that resist weathering, transportation, handling, chemicals, temperature gradients, foul water, salinity etc.
Highest quality of component parts available on the market: the diffuser is our Bubble Tubing, made to our exact specifications.
No moving parts in the water reduces maintenance and wear over time.
Intelligent design eases installation, reduces maintenance and saves money in operational costs.
Equally effective as an aerator and deicer.
Fine Bubble Diffusers Technology
The fine bubbles (also called micro bubbles) from the OctoAir-10 diffuser are critical for achieving exacting results whether oxygenating a wastewater treatment plant, using aeration to biologically remove excess nutrients such as Phosphorous (P), to control gas such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) or even to use aeration for liquid mixing. Not only do bubbles transfer oxygen, they move and mix, clarify, de-stratify and essentially decontaminate water by oxidation. The size of the bubble matters greatly for the application as we have noticed in our work.
Independent Test Results of OctoAir-10 Industrial Diffuser for Aeration
Evaluation of the Oxygen Transfer Capabilities of OctoAir-10 by GSEE Environmental Consultants:
Report’s conclusion:
All OctoAir-10™ industrial diffuser systems include the following:
Rugged 316 stainless steel OctoAir-10™ frame
100 feet (30.5 m) of non-weighted ½’’ Bubble Tubing™, installed
All the necessary hardware to attach to the airline delivery hose
Check Valve
4 legs (some assembly required)
Not included:
Feeder line 
Adjustable leg height keeps tubing off basin floor; custom leg lengths also available. Check valve included. Float/lifting hooks included. Some assembly required for the legs of the unit. OctoAir-10™ is stackable and ships well on a pallet.
Tech Sheet OctoAir-10 (PDF)
Diffuser dimension: width 48” – 122 cm
Minimum Pressure : 12 psi – 0.8 bar
Maximum Pressure : 45 psi – 3.1 bar
Suggested airflow : 5 CFM – 8.4m3/Hr
Maximum airflow : 10 CFM – 17m3/Hr
Weight: 65 lb. (29.4 kg)
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Compressed air is pushed through airline delivery hose to the OctoAir-10™ diffuser. Micro bubbles are simultaneously released through the micro holes along the 100 foot (30.5 m) length of Bubble Tubing™. An extremely even bubble pattern releases high levels of oxygen, while creating important lift, mixing and circulation of liquids such as leachate, sewage or potable water.
No moving parts or electricity in the water means very low operational costs.
Aeration Applications for OctoAir-10 Industrial Diffuser
OctoAir-10™ industrial diffuser works well for industrial aeration or deicing. Allowing up to 10 cfm, OctoAir-10™ has exceptional SOTE, SOTR and SAE performance data since integral to its design is our Bubble Tubing™. OctoAir-10™ provides excellent transfer of oxygen in small tanks or as part of an array on large basin floors. Applications that require an industrial grade diffuser that is corrosion resistant, maneuverable, and extremely efficient are well served by OctoAir-10™. Field crews report it is easy to install, easy to maintain, and overall an excellent design.
Water Lifting
Water Circulation
Pathogen Reduction
Markets for OctoAir-10™ Industrial Diffuser
Produced water treatment (gaz and oil sector)
Drinking Water
Mining sector
Energy sector
Ponds and Lake Associations
Fish Farming, and any application requiring Aeration or Deicing
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