Shore-Klear, Emergent Weed Control, 1 Quart

Shore-Klear, Emergent Weed Control, 1 Quart

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Shore-Klear, Emergent Weed Control, 1 Quart

  • Shore-Klear Emergent Weed Control is a nonselective herbicide for control of cattails, brush and weeds that grow out of water.
  • Not effective on plants that grow under the water, spray onto the foliage of the plant and it kills the plant and roots.
  • Must be used with activator, apply at two ounces per gallon of water, may require a second application.
  • Effectiveness may be reduced if rain occurs within six hours of treatment, results will begin to show in two to four days but can take as long as two weeks.
  • Product is Shore-Klear in quarts and AquaPro in 2.5 gallon size, product is the same in both containers
  • EPA Registered
  • Many states restrict the shipment of EPA registered chemicals into the state.
  • AK, CA, CT, ID, HI, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT, & WA restrict the shipment of products into their states. Products can be bought from within the state but not shipped in.\


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