1/2" Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® 100' Roll

1/2" Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® 100' Roll
1/2" Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® 100' Roll1/2" Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® 100' RollCanadian Canada Ponds Tubing1/2" Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® 100' RollBubble Channel Pond WaterDiversified Pond Supplies Bubble Aeration

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1/2" Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® - 100' Roll

Bubble Tubing® is a durable high-quality lead-free Canadian-made diffuser tubing with a proprietary design that yields high oxygen transfer rates in water.

Bubble Tubing® is used for but not limited to:

  • Aeration Waterways, channels and stormwater retention ponds, sewage lagoons, wastewater treatment process plants, leachate ponds, earthen ponds, dugouts, lakes, etc. 
  • Deicing docks, seawalls, dams, marina slips, power plant water intakes, industrial ship docking, ocean freight and maritime transport.
  • Bubble Curtain: Used to surpress underwater shockwaves and sound associated with pile driving and underwater blasting; creates a bubble barrier that will divert and/or contain marine life, plants (seagrass) and floating debris.
  • Aquaculture:  Fish and shrimp farms.
  • Pathogen Reduction:  The bubbles lift deeper waters to the surface for UV exposure and reduces H2S Hydrogen Sulphide production for odor suppression. Improvement water quality by increasing water clarity and reducing algae blooms.
  • Bottom-to-Top Circulation & Mixing for water treatment.


Bubble Tubing® Features:

  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater applications.
  • Works in shallow to deep waters.
  • Bubble Tubing® is flexible, holds no memory, will not kink, easy to install and safe for the environment.
  • Highly resistant PVC (chemicals, salinity, temperature).
  • Inner pressure prevents clogging; tubing is low maintenance, anti-fouling.
  • High oxygen transfer rate.  A full evaluation of the oxygen transfer capabilities by independent firm available.
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water.
  • Tubing can be purchased with all the necessary hardware.
  • Impressive 5-year warranty.


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