1/2" Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® - Custom Cut Lengths by foot

1/2" ID Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing®
1/2" ID Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing®1/2" ID Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing® - Custom Cut Lengths

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Custom Cut ½” ID Self-Weighted Bubble Tubing®  - by foot

Minimum pressure: 20 PSI (1.4 BAR)
Maximum pressure: 50 PSI (3.4 BAR)
Suggested aeration airflow: 0.05-0.1 CFM/ft (4.64-9.28 LPM/m)
Suggested de-icing airflow: 0.1-0.17 CFM/ft (9.28-15.8 LPM/m)
Depending on your application, contact DPS for further information and recommendations
Max airflow: 0.17 CFM/ft (15.8 LPM/m)

With each section of Bubble Tubing® it is suggested to include a check valve assembly at its inlet and an end plug at its end.  DPS has available "check valve assembly kits" that include the check valve, barbed hose fittings, end plug and stainless steel hose clamps recommended for installation -- between your air line and Bubble Tubing®.  

Three kits are available depending on the size of the air line used in suppling the Bubble Tubing®.  If you have 3/8" ID air line or 1/2" ID air line or 5/8 ID air line you should consider using one of these check valve assembly kits -- the check valve prevents water backing up into your supply air line in the event of a power outage that can result in a restriction/pressure drop when restarted.

Please note that custom cut lengths of Bubble Tubing® cannot be returned for credit.  


List Price: $6.99

Price: $6.99


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