KASCO Time and Temperature Controller (4 lbs)

KASCO Time and Temperature Controller  (4 lbs)

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KASCO Time and Temperature Controller, - saves money in reduced electrical usage!  This controller, designed exclusively for Kasco, will only operate when both the timer and thermostat are activated, unlike regular timers which run the motor every day at a set time.  This controller will only operate when the temperature requires it! The temperature only controller is available that operates motor whenever freezing conditions exist.

KASCO deicers are designed to prevent the formation of damaging ice around dock and boats.  To deice a shallow water area, direct the flow of warmer water  from a deeper area into the shallower area.  Remember, a deicer works because it draws warmer, denser water from the bottom and circulates it upward to the surface, preventing ice formation or melting existing ice.

List Price: $210.00

Price: $210.00

SKU: C20

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