2 Watt .1 CFM Output Ornamental Pond Aerator/Deicer

2 Watt .1 CFM Output Ornamental Pond Aerator/Deicer

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2 Watt .1 CFM Output Ornamental Pond Aerator/Deicer - Small Pond Aerator

Economy aeration system includes MC6 linear compressor, 30' of vinyl tubing and diffuser

  • High-quality, continous duty aeration system is ideal for both summer time aeration and winter time deicing
  • Powered by a long lasting, super quiet air compressor that costs only pennies per month to operate!
  • 115 volt compressor draws only 2 watts and will operate up to 4’ deep
  • 6' power cord
  • Compressors on EPA1 aerators need to be protected from the weather
  • Pond sizes up to 800 Gallons

Other Kits available by calling 419-738-0167

EPA2 aeration kit dual diffuser for ponds up to 1200 gallons

EPA4 aeration kit Quad diffuser for ponds up to 1500 gallons


List Price: $74.99

Price: $69.74


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