3" Bottom Drain Kit (EBD4 Drain) Includes 3" Fittings

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3" Bottom Drain Kit (EBD4 Drain)  Includes 3" Fittings
  • Installed under the liner, flex PVC pipe carries the water under the liner to the skimmer box. Bulkhead fitting is installed in the skimmer, a PVC male adapter connects the flex PVC to the bulkhead fitting. The valve is placed inside the skimmer box to control flow. When the pump is turned on, water will flow into the skimmer through the skimmer faceplate (surface water) as well as the bottom drain.
  • You can control how much water goes in through the top/bottom inlets with valve (included)
  • Kits include bottom drain, bulkhead fitting, valve and fittings - does not include PVC pipe
  • 2" kit recommended for PS1 skimmers, 3" for PS2 skimmers
  • BDK2 kits include BD1 bottom drain and are intended for use with 2" pipe
  • BDK3 kits include EBD4N bottom drain and are intended for use with 3" pipe
List Price: $249.99

Price: $237.49


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